Once the girls arrive and get settled in, start your workshop off with a fun ice breaker! (We’ve included a few to get you started!) The point is to get the girls talking and having fun, and hopefully getting to know each other a little better.


After the icebreaker, introduce the topic. You can read Kate’s intro out loud to the group, or write your own. Bonus points if you have each leader add a few thoughts on the topic during the intro and explain why the topic matters to them.


Once you’ve introduced the topic, jump right into the discussion questions. Read each question out loud to the group, always having the co-leaders answer first with their own experiences before inviting the girls to join in the conversation. You can go around the circle asking each girl to answer or have the girls raise their hands. Up to you and what you feel works best!


When you’ve finished all the topic questions, move onto the group activity. Each Hangout has an activity outlined for you to run through with the girls. Make sure you read over and become familiar with it (and gather any required materials) before you start.


And there you have it! Make sure that each leader gives a brief wrap up that covers anything she learned during the workshop, offer advice or share words of encouragement for the girls. 



Put a playlist together with fun, empowering songs to play at the beginning and end of the Hangouts.


Sometimes it can take a little time for the girls to open up and start talking, but stick with it! Have each leader keep sharing her answers, stories and experiences with the girls and inviting them into the conversation.  


Who doesn’t love snacks? Having some yummy options for the girls each meeting is a nice way for the girls to feel special, and possibly even entice new members to try your chapter meetings out.


We all know that girls can talk, and even if the girls start off quiet, eventually everybody will want to join in! To keep it fair and make sure everybody gets heard, grab a ball, stuffed animal, or other fun item and tell the girls that only the person holding that item can talk. When she’s done, have her throw it to another girl or back up to one of the leaders.