fearlesslygirlDear Girls,

There is something we need to tell you. One statement that will change your life if you let it (and we REALLY hope you let it):

You are extremely powerful.

You have the potential to change the world and shape the future!

You have the potential to be anything you want to be!

Before you decide who or what that is, we want to give you a few pieces of advice. This amazing life you are creating is going to present you with moments when you feel broken and small, but there will also be days when you feel like you can do anything. It is our hope that you to have many more of those undefeatable days than uncertain moments.

You do not have to be perfect. You are human. Just like the rest of us, you have flaws and insecurities that will make life seem much worse than it actually is. Please, PLEASE remember that the girl you are, imperfections and all, is the girl who is loved by so many. She brings joy to the people around her and she brings something interesting into this world that no one else can. We want to know that person and see her spread her wings. Do not limit yourself to the idea of perfection! Rather, see the beauty that comes from being exactly who you are.

It is ok to feel whatever you’re feeling. Your emotions are there for a reason. Explore them, learn what they mean to you, and allow them to pass by. You will experience a vast array of emotions as you ride the rollercoaster of your life.

Let your emotions be part of the ride.

Take it one day at a time (and don’t forget to BREATHE). Being a girl is hard. It takes a lot to manage everything that girls are forced to deal with. From school, to relationships, to our bodies, to the pressure to be “perfect”, we have to balance a lot. You can handle it. You can. When the big picture becomes overwhelming, stop looking. Take it one day at a time and know that you can handle every situation you are brought to. You are strong, you are brave, and you can make it through the storm. Take a deep breath and take the next step.

Learn about the media. The advertisements you’re surrounded by that each feature a picture of a different “beautiful’ girl who always looks perfect? It’s not real. And, let’s be real, they all look THE SAME! Well, the team of people who created that image have more tricks than you can imagine to make her look the way she does. The girl you see in the picture might not even be real! The celebrity who always look flawless? She has a hair and makeup team, a stylist, and just as many insecurities as you. Just like you, she has learned to be concerned about her weight, her looks, what boys think of her, what other women think of her, and who she is in the world. The make-up, hair, clothes, and fame doesn’t change that. Want to know something amazing? You are just as beautiful as the girl in the ad and the girl with the team of, well, everything. Do you know why? Because you’re real! You rock your own look and you have confidence in the amazing girl you are. Your authenticity shines brighter!

Do not be afraid of being the leader. You were born to be a leader. Speak up. Take a stand. Share your thoughts. Talk to your friends about your dreams. Start a club. Take action on something you care about. Defend what you believe in. Take charge on a group project. Being a leader is not something to be afraid of. It is a sign of confidence and heart. Be the girl you know you are meant to be.

Challenge what “everyone” is doing. “Everyone is doing it!” No, they’re not. We promise. You don’t have to do what “everyone” is doing. You won’t be alone in that decision, either. Be a leader and be different. You’ll be proud of what you did when you realize there are a lot of girls like you who don’t want to do what “everyone” else is doing.
Beauty. Let’s talk about this one for a bit. A lot of people will try and make you believe that beautiful is what you look like. Think about that for a second. The way you look is made up of two things: genetics and weight. The first, you have absolutely no control over, and the second is just the relationship your body has with gravity.

That definition is simply not good enough for you.

Girl, you are too many beautiful things to limit yourself to such silly matters. So, what makes you really beautiful? Look at the people you have in your life. They love you for the person you are and the way you treat them. Look at the dreams you have and all you have accomplished. Look at the joy you find in life and the gifts you bring to this world.

That is what makes you beautiful.

Confidence is key in all you do. You’re AWESOME! You know it, we know it, and we want the world to know it. Walk tall and proud, ready to take on whatever the world throws your way. Don’t let anyone make you believe you’re anything less than amazing (after all, they’re just jealous)!

You can be whatever you want to be! Want to be a mom? Do it. Want to start your own company? Do it. You can be anything you want to be, just as long as it’s what YOU want to be. You’ll have to work really, really hard and maybe even change a few things in the process, but you can do it! Change the world!
Last but not least (this one is really important to us),


You can do anything you want, be anything you want! Make a difference, change the world, or shape the future. You just have to know how! Learn as much as you can. Read, write, ask questions, and start conversations. We believe in you and we want to see what you can do! We’re paving the way for you, and we want to see what you’re going to do with that. You rock!

The women of the world

Cammy Nelson

Cammy Nelson is motivational speaker and Girl Expert. She has spent the majority her life traveling the US to speak at various national conferences and small groups. After working with the Dove Self-Esteem Fund and leaders in the self-esteem community, Cammy was inspired to dedicate her life to challenging girls to ask “why not me?” A recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin – River Falls, Cammy is determined to see a day when girls are not afraid to be the leaders of their lives and their world. // @cammy_nelson

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Thank you, this was wonderful…it made my day! Hugs to you!


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