FearlesslyKiND Educator Summit

Are you an educator interested in developing a deeper understanding of Girl World friendships, drama, & insecurities, while helping girls be kinder to themselves and each other? If so, we are so excited to announce our brand new FearlesslyKiND Educator Summit!

Based on 10+ years working hands on with girls in hundreds of schools across Canada & the US, our interactive, 3 hour program includes:

  • The State of Our Girls: An overview of Girl World pressures, expectations and the most common areas our girls are struggling
  • By The Numbers: Up to date research on bullying prevention, mental health and social-emotional well being
  • Best Strategies: Implementing effective anti-bullying, pro kindness programming & activities into your classrooms in order to create a kinder Girl World, with a focus on Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • What About The Boys: Educating boys on respect, unrealistic media representations of girls, and how they can work together to navigate friendships and relationships online and off
  • Experiential opportunities & practical strategies for teachers and staff to work together, break down barriers, and create a kinder, more supportive work environment

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Perfect for: Professional Development Days, On Site Training, Educator Conferences, Safe School Training & More! Contact us for a quote and info package!