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The FearlesslyKiND Classroom Curriculum is a fun, engaging, interactive 6 now 10 week program for tween girls (grades 5-8) that helps them navigate the challenges of friendships, self-esteem, body image, bullying, cyber drama, creating a kinder Girl World in the process. Designed to be facilitated by teachers, FearlesslyKiND includes easy to follow lesson plans, classroom discussions, role playing exercise and fun activities to help girls boost confidence, improve self-esteem and improve school climate.


  • Encourage an honest conversation about “girl world” and help create a sense of support and sisterhood
  • Create a safe environment where girls can connect, express themselves authentically and celebrate what makes them beautifully unique
  • Give girls the tools and confidence to manage conflict, drama, rumours, gossip, toxic friends and more
  • Help girls manage online relationships and learn how to navigate Girl World 2.0
  • Help girls understand healthy relationships, establish boundaries, and gain the necessary tools to maintain and develop kinder friendships
  • Decrease relational aggression and bullying amongst girls
  • Increase leadership skills, boost self esteem and create a kinder girl world!

The Teacher Handbook is filled with easy to follow, hour long, interactive lesson plans designed to be presented over a 10 week period, handouts, follow up materials, school wide events & activities, as well as monthly group discussions on a variety of current Girl World topics. FearlesslyKiND combines 10 of Kate’s most popular workshops for tweens into one, easy to use program for schools around the world. Classroom connections include Language, History, Art, Drama, Health & Social Studies.

Purchase your copy today and you will immediately gain access to the Classroom Curriculum (.pdf), a copy of Kate’s eBook, FearlesslyGiRL, plus year long support! Added Bonus: 30 minute Skype (or telephone) coaching call with Kate to help successfully run the program and answer any of your questions!

The FearlesslyKiND™ Classroom Curriculum is designed for in school use only, to be facilitated by a certified teaching professional. Your Licence Agreement grants you permission to use this Curriculum on one site only. (Additional site licences may be purchased at a discounted rate – please contact us for bulk school/school board pricing.) The material may not be used outside of a school environment or offered to the general public, and it is strictly prohibited to charge for any of the workshops or sessions. 

All program files are available to download immediately after purchase – just be sure to click the “Return to Merchant” button after payment either by PayPal or Credit/Visa Debit Card. Please note that ALL program materials are electronic and not sent as hard copies. No refunds available once purchased.

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