FEARLESSLYGIRL BOOKfearlesslyGiRL – The Book by Kate Whitfield

Girl World is a confusing place…but it doesn’t have to be so hard. FearlesslyGiRL is all about inspiring girls to transform self-doubt &      insecurities into self-love & self-worth, igniting a movement of young women inspiring change and creating a kinder Girl World.  This must-read teen handbook is filled with tips, strategies and “big sister” style advice to help you navigate Girl World confidently and FEARLESSLY! xo

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  • "Wow! This book was wonderful to read with my daughter! We went through it together and it provided us with numerous opportunities to talk and share. I really feel like it brought us closer together and provided us both with a fantastic roadmap for the teen years. Thanks from Camryn and Jessica!"
    -Camryn, Parent of 13 y/o
  • "This book is awesome! My mom bought it for me and at first I wasn't sure, but as soon as I started reading it, I loved it! Now, whenever I am having a problem, I flip to that chapter and it is so helpful. Especially the stuff about friendships, cliques and drama. You really are like a "big sister"! Thank you so much. One day I want to write a book and help girls how you helped me!"
    -Sam, 15
  • "This book is proof that Kate is the absolute go-to gal for empowerment! Packed with big sister style advice that girls will actually be able to use, it's a must-have read for girls who want to kick ass!..."
    -Lisa Clark - teen life coach and author of the Lola Love
  • "This book gives teen girls everything they need to know for the Real World. It's like talking to a best friend or older sister." -
    Diem Brown, cast member of the Real World
  • "Would you like to be able to go anywhere, anytime and feel confident? This fun, fascinating book shows you how. It's full of situations you can relate to and suggestions you can use immediately to be exactly who you want to be now, not someday."
    -Sam Horn, Author of What's Holding You Back?