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There's no doubt about it - the tween years are complicated for both parents & daughters...and that was before Covid. Now, with the addition of virtual/home schooling, you both may be feeling added pressure, anxiety and disconnection.

That’s why I’m SO excited to invite you to be a part of our membership where we take our flagship Summit and Club programs and bring them right into your home, providing you both with resources, lessons and tools to fearlessly navigate the ups and downs of Girl World, improve communication and strengthen your relationship. We believe in helping you & your daughter make the most out of these unusual & uncertain times.

Virtual Summits

You'll get exclusive access to our Virtual Summit Series, bringing the magic of our live events right into your home with lifetime access to replays.

Parent/Daughter Workshops

We'll bring you members-only interactive mother/daughter workshops with special guests on a variety of Girl World topics.

Private FB Group

You'll get access to our exclusive FB group where you'll be able to connect with Kate and other parents, participate in live Q&A sessions and more!

"My daughter attended a Summit at her middle school here in Moline, participated in the Rally & joined the FG club on campus and it has transformed her self-esteem! She's more confident, less interested in girl drama and is taking an active leadership role within her school. I'm blown away by her transformation and our family has your wonderful program to thank!

Leslie F.
Moline, IL


Bring our life changing Summit program into your home every month - plus gets tons of extra resources for you and your daughter!

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Our FearlesslyTween Membership Is Perfect For You If You're:


〰️  The parent of a daughter aged 9-12

〰️ Concerned about her friendships, mean girls and girl drama she may be experiencing

〰️ Unsure about how to make the most of this upcoming school year

〰️ Stressed watching her stress and deal with anxiety

〰️ Ready to help empower her with the tools, strategies and confidence to navigate the ups and downs of Girl World

Virtual Summit Schedule

Back To School Success Tips: August 31st - FREE!

Confidence, Self Esteem & Body Image: October 6th - Included with monthly membership only

Leadership: November 3rd - Included with monthly membership only

Mean Girls, Girl Drama & Frenamies: December 1st - Included with monthly membership only




Most Flexible

  • Monthly Virtual Summit Series with workbooks
  • Monthly Action Kits for parents
  • Weekly emails from Kate (parent + daughter)
  • Access to members only FB group with monthly Q&As



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  • Everything listed in monthly subscription
  • $47 yearly savings