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The FearlesslyKiND Summit

Our fun, interactive and inspiring half day FearlesslyKiND In School Summit (for girls in grades 4-7) is specifically designed to target the unique challenges girls face and provide them with the tools and confidence to create a kinder, more supportive Girl World.

Girls participate in group discussions and activities designed to boost self-esteem and create a sense of sisterhood and support, and schools are left with extensive follow up support and activities to keep the message of kindness going throughout the year.

Our half day school assembly program (lead by Certified FearlesslyKiND Facilitators) is a life changing experience for the girls in your school, designed to create a safe, conversational environment to help girls break down barriers, open up, share experiences, forgive each other, repair broken relationships and increase self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth.

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Our Summits Help Girls:

Boost Confidence

Girls participate in activities & conversations designed to help them step out of their comfort zones, try new things and  learn about themselves.

Breakdown Barriers

The Summit is structured in such a way that it allows girls to open up to and get to know the other girls in their school, often creating lasting friendships.

Create A Kinder Girl World

The Summit gives girls the tools to put and end to girl-against-girl bullying & drama, and be kinder to themselves & others.

"My daughter attended a Summit at her middle school here in Moline, participated in the Rally & joined the FG club on campus and it has transformed her self-esteem! She's more confident, less interested in girl drama and is taking an active leadership role within her school. I'm blown away by her transformation and our family has your wonderful program to thank!

Leslie F.
Moline, IL

Topics Covered


  • Self Esteem, Body Image & The Pressure To Be Perfect
  • Girl World Relationships: Conflict resolution tips and building healthy relationships
  • Online DRAMA! Navigating the complicated word of girl’s online relationships
  • Self Respect & Self Worth: Helping girls discover authentic confidence and inspire it in others
  • The Power of KiND: Inspiring girls to connect with and support each other, commit acts of kindness and build a kinder Girl World

Here's What You Get


  • Pre-Summit phone sessions/e mails to help co-design the summit to best fit your school’s needs.
  • A pre-summit package including workshop materials, leadership handbook (with pre-event activities) and checklist to help plan the summit.
  • Leadership training workshop for peer leaders.
  • Full group keynote + interactive workshop for girls designed to increase sisterhood, kindness, self-esteem and create a Kinder Girl World within the school.

"I attended a Summit in 7th grade then got to be a Summit Leader when I was in 10th grade. Not to sound dramatic, but it changed my life and was a highlight of my school life so far. I got to learn so much about my friends I never knew and the drama and mean girl stuff went way down after, and as a leader I really got to see myself in a new way. I feel so lucky I got the chance to be a part of this and hope many other girls get the chance as well.

Amanda F.
Bettendorf, IA


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