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Ready To Transform The Lives Of Girls AND Make Money Doing It?

I’ve spent a decade building what has become a leading brand in girls empowerment, and it hasn't been easy. I've made a ton of mistakes, learned the hard way, and spent a ton of money in piloting and promoting our programs.

I've also seen a ton of smart, passionate women start something in this space, pour their heart into it, and fail within the first year. 

Why? They were super passionate, driven and ready, but they didn’t have a blueprint for success.

The FearlesslyKiND Certification Program gives you that blueprint. And I’m not holding anything back - you are getting the entire FearlesslyKiND vault I've built, piloted, tested and developed over the past 10 years so you can hit the ground running, get bookings and host your own events right away. 

So, Have You Ever Wanted To:

  • Start your own girls group in your community?
  • Run workshops teaching girls vital life and friendship skills?
  • Offer programs that Created A Kinder Girl World?
  • Run school programs locally or nationally?
  • Get PAID to share your passion for empowering girls?
  • Be featured on Podcasts or TV sharing your wisdom & expertise?
It's time to make your dreams a reality!

Hi, I'm Kate

I started FearlesslyGiRL when I was still in high school. Since then, it has been the only job I've ever had and I've had the INSANE privilege of getting to travel all across Canada and the US, host FearlesslyKiND Summits & workshops for over 100,000 girls, partner with some of the most amazing brands (Dove, Instagram, Evian & more!), host massive in person and virtual events...and most importantly - got to inspire & empower incredible young women to Create A Kinder Girl World.

Now, I want to help YOU do the same by becoming a Certified FearlesslyKiND Facilitator!

I've created a 4 week training & certification program that is packed FULL of amazing trainings and I'm handing you the keys to the FearlesslyKiND Vault where you get access to all our training materials, marketing kits, resources and so much more to empower you to hit the ground running!

I'm so excited to invite you to start making an IMPACT and INCOME as a Certified FearlesslyKiND Facilitator - apply today and get started right away!

- Kate Whitfield, Founder

Jenaya White

Facilitator, Philadelphia + Author of The Confident Queen

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Kate.   From our initial call I knew she was very knowledgeable and really understood the ins and outs of the girl empowerment industry.  Because of this I always refer to her as the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time) of the girl empowerment business. 

Kate is not only passionate about the amazing girls she serves, but also women who want to positively impact the next generation of girls.   Throughout the entire program, Kate made herself available to me and was willing to assist me every step of the way. She has helped me scale and organize my existing girl empowerment business. 

I’m grateful for Kate and her amazing program and I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to take their girl empowerment program to the next level."

Imagine If You:

  • had the freedom to work when and where you wanted?
  • could make a living (or a rad side hustle!) doing what you loved? 
  • didn't have to start from scratch (and spend thousands of dollars!) building your own organization, branding, piloting programs and developing content?
  • had an absolute blast being your own boss, running workshops, school assembly programs, events and camps for girls - locally or globally?
  • Could work with other powerhouse women and organizations in your community and run life changing program for girls that they will never forget?

This Is Perfect For You If:

✔️ you have a passion for empowering girls

✔️ you have gone through the ups and downs of Girl World yourself and are excited to share your wisdom and "big sister" advice to a generation of young women

✔️ you are excited to be your own boss - either full or part time - work from anywhere and make money doing what you love

✔️ you are looking for a side hustle or full time gig transforming the lives of girls (the sky is the limit!)

Rachela Farella

Facilitator, Montreal, Quebec Canada

"Since having completed my FearlesslyKind Certification in February, I cannot express my gratitude and thanks to Kate. I have been passionate about working with young girls for many years now and being a mom and having two daughters, I knew that this was true calling when our paths crossed.

I was so impressed and excited when I discovered FearlesslyGiRL that it didn’t take me long to purchase the program and get this new venture started.

The certification course is so fun and informative and since its completion, it has brought me so much joy. I have created a tween girls club, was asked to be interviewed on a podcast and am booked for workshops. I am also working on a few fun projects which I cannot wait to announce and just so incredibly excited to see. I am super excited to help empower and mentor young girls and help change the world, one kind girl at a time."

Imagine Getting Messages Like These:

Want to find out more and see if it's the right fit for you? Schedule a 30 minute introductory call with me where I'll share more about the program and answer all your questions!
Schedule A Call!

Here's What's Included

I want to make this entire process as turn key and simple as possible, and like I mentioned, I'm not holding ANYTHING back. Sign up for our Certification Program  and get:


  • Access to our self-based online Certification Course (video trainings, materials and workbooks/guides) that cover everything you need to know to start, run and build your FearlesslyKiND business

  • The entire FearlesslyKiND vault, including all our program materials, Summit Kit, 10 workshop outlines & more
  • In depth program training covering how to run each of our signature programs (in person or virtual) so you can hit the ground running)
  • Marketing materials, marketing strategy outline and done for you emails (the EXACT emails I’ve used to book hundreds of schools and sell out countless events)
  • Pitch letters, your guide to securing additional funding for your programs and strategies to getting media coverage to promote your programs
  •  BONUS 1: 90 Day Sprint - a step-by-step guide designed to help you get from where you are now to hosting your first event within 90 days (and recouping your initial investment in the program!)

  • BONUS 2: Affiliate code for 35% affiliate fee for all our programs you promote

  • BONUS 3: Done For You Canva Template Kit (flyers, brochures, instagram posts & more!)

  • BONUS 4: Access to our members-only Facebook group (So much value and support in there!)

  • Bonus 5: Access to our Monthly Facilitator Group Calls (So inspiring and helpful!)
  • BONUS 6: A feature episode on our FearlesslyKiND Podcast!

Peep What's Inside


Week 1: FearlesslyGiRL/FearlesslyKiND Overview & Getting Started

Week one is dedicated to giving you an in-depth overview of all things FG and helping you develop a vision for your dream girls empowerment business (our side hustle!) We'll cover:


- FearlesslyGiRL Mission

- Goals & Objectives

- Mindset

- The FearlesslyKiND Programs

- Creating your dream business

- Overall requirements, tips on getting started and an overview of the three main programs



Week 2: FearlesslyKiND Program Training

No experience, no problem! This is where we go step-by-step through all the programs, covering everything you need to know, plan and prepare for before, during and after and I share tons of tips and show video examples of our Summits & workshops in action. We'll cover:


-How to run a Summit

-How to run a Workshop

-How to run a Camp

- Program best practices

- How to run VIRTUAL Summits & Workshops


Week 3: The Business Of Empowerment

This week I'm going to help you get known as the go-to girls empowerment expert in your community! We're covering EVERYTHING you need to start, run & grow your business, including:


-Branding & marketing your programs & events

-Filling up your events & selling tickets

-Contracts & invoicing

- Suggested price points

- Promotion 101 - everything you need to know to get press coverage and get the word out

- Marketing to schools & other community organizations

- Getting funding and sponsors

- Building your email list

- The legal stuff (business license, insurance requirements, etc) Don't worry - I try and make this fun! 


Week 4: Implimentation

Ok, you're almost there! Week 4 is about putting everything you've learned into ACTION! We're covering:


- Your business plan (fill in the blank - super easy!

- Setting up your social media and creating your content calendar

- Getting Your Facilitator page up and running

- Creating your free opt-in to build your email list

- NEW! Your 90 Day Sprint action plan to help you host your first event within 90 days and recoup your investment in the course!



And Don't Forget About The Bonuses!

I love a good bonus! Here's what you get:


BONUS 1: Affiliate code for 35% affiliate fee for all our programs you promote and sell


BONUS 2: 12 Monthly Zoom group coaching calls with Kate ($1997 Value!) to help you skyrocket your business


BONUS 3: Access to our members-only Facebook group


PAY IN FULL BONUS: 60 minute one-on-one coaching call with Kate ($250 Value!)



Jodi Oakley

Facilitator, Northern California

"Two years ago I was searching for a girl's empowerment program for my class. I happened to stumble upon Fearlessly Kind. I instantly fell in love with the curriculum and started an after school group for 6th-8th grade girls. They loved meeting weekly and the changes I saw in them were immediate. They opened up with each other, sharing from the heart. We noticed a lot less drama and a lot more lifting each other up.

When I saw they were offering facilitator training, I immediately signed up. I have seen first hand the difference this makes with the girls and want to be able to share it with others."

Wendy Norris

Facilitator, Medina, Ohio

"I loved the facilitator program that Kate provided. Kate covered the material in depth and it was easy to understand. She was available at any time for questions ot clarification.

In my opionion...Kate has gone above and beyond to provide an exceptional training certification program. I am happy and excited I decided to take this training and can not wait to touch the lives of young girls!!!!

Thank you Kate!!"


So - Are You A:

✔️ teacher or counsellor looking to offer more comprehensive programming?

✔️ professional woman that would like to pass on your secrets to success and inspire girls in your community?

✔️ mom that wants to guarantee quality empowerment programming for girls exists in your community?

✔️ recent grad that wants to travel and run FG programs in your country?

✔️ teen or family life coach that would like to expand what you offer to your clients?

✔️ coach that would like to offer team building and confidence programming to your players?

✔️ part of a community organization working with kids that would like to update your after school programming?

✔️ homeschool parent looking to provide community and connection for your daughter and other homeschool kids?

✔️ passionate entrepreneur looking to offer high quality, effective, proven programming for girls in your community, either on a full or part time basis?

Let me help you make an IMPACT & INCOME empowering girls this year!

Have questions? Schedule a call!



Payment Plan Available

  • Full Self-Paced Certification Coarse 
  • Access to the ENTIRE FearlesslyKiND Vault and Materials
  • All The Bonuses

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Payment Plan Available

  • Full Self-Paced Certification Coarse 
  • Access to the ENTIRE FearlesslyKiND Vault and Materials
  • All The Bonuses 
  • 12 months of 1:1 Coaching with Kate ($6500 value!)
  • 1:1 VIP Day with Kate (full day business/ website/social media/branding audit) ($1500 Value) 

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Up to 3 Facilitators

  • Full Self-Paced Certification Coarse 
  • Access to the ENTIRE FearlesslyKiND Vault and Materials
  • Licensing to use FearlesslyKiND programming and branding as part of your Organization
  • All The Bonuses