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Jodi Oakley, FearlesslyKiND Facilitator

Jodi Oakley is the proud mother of 4 adult children.  In addition, she has numerous “bonus children” that she considers her own.  She has been a credentialed teacher for 30 years and currently teaches 6th grade in Northern California.  She loves spending time with friends and family and always enjoys making new friends.    

When she began teaching 6th grade, she realized that many of her students (and even her own children and friends) struggled with self-esteem, body issues and getting along with other girls.  They couldn’t see themselves as others saw them and it was heart-breaking to hear them talk poorly about themselves. It was because of this she began researching programs to bring to her school.

This is when she found FearlesslyKiND.  She immediately began this program as an after-school group for girl in grades 6-8. She noticed changes right away in how the girls treated themselves and each other. They were accepting of all and showed so much compassion for the girls who were struggling.  This became the best part of the week for all the girls involved, including Jodi. The FearlesslyKiND curriculum empowered the girls to be kind, understanding, and sympathetic towards their schoolmates.    

Because she is so passionate about empowering girls, she has received her certification as a FearlesslyKiND facilitator and has begun Extraordinarily Girl to help girls navigate through the difficult tween years.  She wants girls to be confident in themselves so that they may become leaders in their schools and  communities.  

Jodi believes that when women become strong in who they are, they are able to lift others up rather than tear each other down. Her goal is to create a kinder world one girl at a time.

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Chrissy, School Counsellor

Our school did not have any support groups for middle school aged girls before FearlesslyKiND.  This group really helped by bringing many of our female students together, and it connected many of them at another level. The facilitated activities really encouraged the girls to think and build perspectives to understand and have empathy toward one another.  The girls all had a great time and looked forward to meeting each week. It made a difference for these young women.

Dawn D, School Support Worker

Jodi is an amazing teacher and Fearlessly Kind facilitator at our school. The meetings were always full of girls that were wanting a safe place to meet and discuss issues that they were concerned about. A number of them became friends and watched out for each other during the school year. Jodi taught them through the curriculum that they, too, are important and that they matter. It was amazing to watch the transformation from timid and unsure about sharing their concerns, to being confident in knowing that they weren’t the only ones going through what they were, and that they wouldn’t be judged.  

Keyrsten, Student & Participant

The after school girls group was a lot of fun.  It was great getting to know these girls on a different level.  I realized that many of them thought the same why I did and struggled with some of the same things as me.  We even had high school helpers and guest speakers.  I hope we can start up again soon.