Hi, I'm Kate!


I’m the founder & CEO of FearlesslyGiRL and I'm OBSESSED with helping girls navigate girl world confidently, & fearlessly.

I started FearlesslyGiRL when I was still in high school because I thought that Girl World was super complicated (can you relate?) and I wanted to help! Since then I’ve hosted hundreds our FearlesslyGiRL Summit assembly programs in middle and high schools across Canada (where I’m from) and the US (where I work). I got to work one one one with thousands of young women and get the inside scoop of all the girl world pressures, expectations and anxieties and now, I’m so excited to pivot all our in person programs and events and reach even more girls through our online courses and events!

I'm here to help you and your daughter fearlessly navigate the ups and downs of Girl World, and I can't wait to get started! Have questions? Reach out anytime - [email protected]!

xo Kate