Want to Create A Kinder Girl World in Your School?

Now you can with our brand new Summit Kit based on our transformational assembly program for girls in grades 5 & up.

Our Summits have impacted over 50,000 girls and for the first time EVER, you can host your very own, run by student leaders!

Yes, I Want to Create A Kinder Girl World! Let's Get Started!

Our Summits are a life changing experience for the girls in your school & now you can host your own!


Covid has drastically changed how we interact with one another and girls are in desperate need for community, connection and compassion now more than ever. And now, for the first time ever, you can bring the magic of a Leadership Summit to the girls in your school with The Summit Kit!

Girls shouldn't have to go without impactful, SEL driven programming due to the restrictions that so many schools are facing, and that's why we created the Summit Kit! Now, you can host your own leadership Summit with the help of student leaders, and without the $2500 price tag of an in-person Summit hosted by Kate!

So, what is a Summit?

Our fun, interactive and inspiring FearlesslyGiRL Leadership Summit is a half day assembly program specifically designed to target the unique challenges girls face and provides them with the tools and confidence to create a kinder, more supportive Girl World. 

Girls participate in group discussions and activities designed to create a safe, conversational environment to help break down barriers, open up, share experiences, forgive each other, repair broken relationships and increase self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth.

Summits are perfect for anytime during the school year, middle school or high school orientation events, a "Girls Night In", kicking off the CLUB program, after school programs, sports teams, community organizations, summer camps & virtual events. 

Your Summit Kit Includes:

  • Access to The Summit Kit Online Portal with EVERYTHING you need to host your very own Summit
  • Online Leader Training video
  • Summit Facilitator Guide
  • Summit Leader Handbook & Activity Guide
  • Leader Scripts
  • Activity Cards
  • Single or Multiple Site Licenses
  • Full Money Back Guarantee!

Wondering if it's the right fit for your girls?

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Amanda F.

"I attended a Summit in 7th grade then got to be a Summit Leader when I was in 10th grade. Not to sound dramatic, but it changed my life and was a highlight of my school life so far! I got to learn so much about my friends I never knew and the drama and mean girl stuff went way down after, and as a leader I really got to see myself in a new way. I feel so lucky I got the chance to be a part of this and hope many other girls get the chance as well."

Suzanne A.

"I have been a part of over a dozen Summits in my district and will host a dozen more if I get the chance! Kate and her team have created something extremely important and it's my sincere belief that every girl is better for having experienced it. Nothing has come close to impacting our girls quite like a FearlesslyGiRL Summit."

Cindy H.

"Our district found that Fearlessly Girl came into our schools with a no nonsense way of calming down school violence between girls and their friends. Fearlessly Girl helped many girls find their own voice. We heard many comments from staff members that they felt the message also included a strong anti-bully message. Girls need resources like Fearlessly Girl to help navigate their way toward better friendships, self esteem and goal setting for their lives.

We have had FearlesslyGIRL in our school system before and found that the presentation from Kate and the curriculum really helped alleviate some of the “bully” behaviors that we see in our girls."

Summit Requirements:

  • Up to 200 participants 
  • 1-2 Facilitators (Educators/Counselors)
  • Peer leaders, 8th grade and up (2 per 10 girls participating)
  • Large space (gym/cafeteria)
  • Mic/Screen/Projector
  • The Summit Kit!


SEL Components:

  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Responsible Decision Making

We're so confident this will be a game-changing event for your girls that we're offering a 100% money back guarantee if you're not (super) satisfied!

Host Your Summit!


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  • Access to The Summit Kit Online Portal with EVERYTHING you need to host your very own Summit
  • Online Leader Training video
  • Summit Facilitator Guide
  • Summit Leader Handbook & Activity Guide
  • Leader Scripts
  • Activity Cards
  • 1 Single Site License
  • Full Money Back Guarantee!
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