FearlesslyTween Bootcamp

What if I told you that you could transform the relationship with your tween, boost her confidence and have a ton of fun in just 30 days?

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Navigating the tween years can be super complicated for parents and girls - so we decided to do something about it!  


The FearlesslyTween Bootcamp is a one-of-a-kind 30 day course designed for Mom's & daughter's to work through together to help prepare both of you for the ups and downs of Girl World and give you both the skills and confidence to successfully navigate the tween years & beyond.

You and your daughter will learn valuable skills to help increase communication, boost confidence and body image, deal with girl drama, and work together to come up with creative solutions to Girl World problems. Perfect for girls 9-12 and their fearless Moms!

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The FearlesslyTween Bootcamp will teach you and your daughter how to navigate Girl World confidently, authentically & FEARLESSLY with daily activities, conversation starters and video trainings! 

〰️ could experience 30 days of fun convos, activities and bonding 

〰️ learned to negotiate boundaries & expectations and deal with conflict calmly & respectfully

〰️ developed a road map for tough conversations ahead of time

〰️ created an action plan to kickstart her confidence, boost body image and build strong self-esteem

〰️ felt equipped to handle challenging situations, friend drama and bullying

〰️ were fully prepared to deal with all the ups and downs of Girl World

Heather D. - Chicago

"The strategies you taught me have been a game changer for my daughter and I. We communicate more effectively, are more open and honest with each other, and we're even back to joking around with each other which fills me with so much joy. Thank you for helping me "bridge the gap" as you say & understand where she is coming from."

〰️ 30 days of activities, video trainings, discussion guides, workbooks and challenges designed specifically for parents and tween girls to work through together

〰️ Topics covered include everything self-esteem, confidence, body image, self-respect, resilience, communication skills, boundaries, expectations, peer pressure, and more. 

〰️ Tons of great bonuses!

〰️ a little (or ok - a lot!) overwhelmed with navigating Girl World with your tween

〰️ confused about the right way to help her build confidence, self-esteem & leadership skills that will last through the teen years and beyond

〰️ concerned with the pressures & expectations your daughter is already dealing with

〰️ unsure of how to handle friendship drama, bullying and difficult situations in a way that empowers your daughter

〰️ wanting to develop strong communication skills and develop strategies to ensure she will always be open and honest with you 

 〰️ afraid of losing her, drifting apart, & fighting all the time 

Hi, I'm Kate and I'm so excited you're here! I've spent the last 12 years working with tens of thousands of tween & teen girls in schools all across North America and partnered with huge brands to develop content for girls globally and all that has lead me here!

I understand the ups and downs of Girl World, the unique pressures & expectations girls deal with on a daily basis, and have developed actionable strategies to help you and your daughter bridge the gap and create a stronger relationship as you both navigate the tween & teen years together.

I've packed over a decade of info, strategies, tips and advice into this program and am so excited to work with you and your daughter as we launch the first ever FearlesslyTween Bootcamp!


Girl World 101

An in-depth snapshot of Girl World in 2020, what to expect, how to prepare and tips and strategies to get ready.

The Foundations

Communication is KEY so we dive deep into effective strategies and provide you and your daughter with opportunities to discuss important topics and get on the same page.

Confidence & Self-Esteem

The ultimate guide to helping her (and you) boost and maintain confidence, develop a positive body image, take healthy risks, learn leadership strategies  and stand up for herself.

Friends & Drama

Friendships play a vital role in a middle schooler's life, so we dive in deep and go over friendship "blind sides", role play different scenarios and give you both tons of helpful strategies. 

The Tough Stuff

Peer pressure? Bullying? Social media and cell phones? Dating? Anxiety? Arguments? All this and more is covered here, with tons of actionable strategies, scripts and tips.

We have never offered this kind of value before and I'm so excited to work one on one with you and your daughter as we launch this course together! 


Bonus 1:

Conversation Kit and Discussion Guides to help you and your daughter build on each module. 

Value: $47

Bonus 2: 

Follow-up video training series to help you further implement the strategies in the course.

Value: $47

Bonus 3:

Pay in full & get a FREE 60 minute private group coaching call with Kate to help you and your daughter get the most out of the course!

Value: $249!

Jamie K. - New Jersey

"I can't believe the difference FearlesslyGiRL has made in my daughter's life! She's more confident than I've ever seen her and is truly excited for her future. I'm so grateful she got to experience your program."

〰️  We're so confident you & your daughter will get so much value from this course that we offer a full money back guarantee for the first 14 - no questions asked!

〰️  You get lifetime access to this course + all updates

〰️ This is the lowest price this course will ever be offered! The price will go up after October 1st!

〰️ Pay in full ($97) get a FREE 30 minute group coaching call with Kate - a $249 value!