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🌈 The Tween Summit is not your average girl empowerment event...

Designed to provide a space for tweens ages 9-13 to connect, grow, and learn, The Tween Summit aims to empower each participant to embrace their unique selves fully. 

The Tween Summit Kit helps you to empower the next generation of young women to be confident, compassionate, and unstoppable and contains EVERYTHING you need to run a profitable, impactful & transformative event!

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10-Week Girls Empowerment Group Kit

Launch Your Own Transformative Girls Group in Your Community & Beyond!

Ideal for educators, coaches, mentors, or leaders seeking to make a real IMPACT (and INCOME) by empowering girls! Purchase once and offer the program as many times as you like!

Perfect for girls empowerment leaders/mentors, schools, sports teams, girls clubs, empowerment organizations, after-school programs, birthday parties, retreats, coaching sessions, and more!

What Is The 10-Week Girls Empowerment Group Kit?

The 10-Week Girls Empowerment Group Kit is a comprehensive program designed to inspire girls aged 9-13 both online AND off. It's crafted to help them build self-esteem, confidence, leadership, kindness, self-trust, resilience, and embrace being a FEARLESS girl.

Topics Covered Include:

1. "Selfie Esteem" - Snapshots of Inner Beauty

  • Explore personal strengths and celebrate individuality through creative self-expression activities.

2. "Confidence Catwalk" - Strutting Your Stuff

  • Engage in exercises that build self-confidence and encourage girls to proudly showcase their talents and interests.

3. "Lead Like a Boss" - Rule Your World

  • Develop essential leadership skills through interactive group challenges and leadership role-play scenarios.

4. "Kindness is My Superpower" - The Ripple Effect

  • Cultivate empathy and kindness with activities designed to encourage positive interactions and understanding the impact of kind actions.

5. "Trust Quest" - The Inner Compass

  • Encourage self-trust through decision-making exercises and discussions about intuition and inner wisdom.

6. "Grit and Grace" - The Resilience Remix

  • Teach resilience by engaging in activities that challenge and inspire girls to overcome obstacles and adapt to change.

7. "Fearless & Unstoppable" - The Courage Club

  • Foster a sense of bravery and self-acceptance with sessions focused on overcoming fears and embracing individuality.

8. "Friendship Fiesta" - Celebrating Connections

  • Strengthen social skills and understanding of healthy friendships through interactive discussions and role-playing.

9. "Dream Builders" - Blueprinting the Future

  • Encourage goal setting and future planning with vision board creation and goal-mapping exercises.

10. "Glow-up Graduation" - Reflect, Rejoice, Relaunch

  • Celebrate the journey with a session dedicated to reflection, sharing achievements, and setting future aspirations.

This Is Perfect For You If:

  • You have experience working with youth and want a turnkey program to expand your impact.
  • You're looking to launch or enrich your girls empowerment organization or side hustle with a signature program.
  • You're seeking new, dynamic additions to your existing offer suite as a coach, mentor, educator, program director, or youth worker.

What You Get:

  • 📔 Facilitator's Guide: A comprehensive guide to help you plan, organize, sell, and run your program, with customizable elements to make it uniquely yours.

  • 🖊 Weekly Session Plans: Clear objectives and descriptions to effectively facilitate each themed session, with engaging activities and discussions for in person or virtual girls groups.

  • 🗒 Checklists: To streamline your planning and execution process for each week.

  • 💬 Done-For-You Scripts: For guiding the flow of sessions, including opening and closing remarks, and discussion prompts.

  • 📊 BONUS Template Library: Editable Canva templates for promotional materials, sales copy, post-event surveys, certificate of completion and more!

  • ⭐️ BONUS Workbook & Journal for attendees! (Editable in Canva to add your branding)
  • ⭐️ BONUS Parent Discussion Guide (Editable in Canva to add your branding)


Terms & Conditions:

  • Group Size: Ideal for 5-30 participants, aged 9-12, both online or off.
  • Pricing Suggestions: We recommend charging approximately $150 - $350 per participant, depending on your context and community.
  • Program Delivery: Delivered via email in .pdf format.
  • License and Restrictions: Licensed for use in your business or school. Not for resale or redistribution.
  • Branding: Brand the program as your own! Do not use FearlesslyGiRL, FearlesslyKiND, or FearlesslyTween branding.
  • Required Experience: Best suited for those with experience or training in youth programming/development. Check out our Certification Program for additional training if you are just getting started or for additional support and resources!

Refund Policy:

All sales are final, considering the immediate digital delivery of the content.


With the 10-Week Girls Empowerment Group Kit, you're not just starting a program; you're igniting a movement. Ready to make a difference?