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Launch Your Own Transformative Girls Group in Your Community & Beyond!

Ideal for educators, coaches, mentors, or leaders seeking to make a real IMPACT (and INCOME) by empowering girls!

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The 10-Week Girls Empowerment Group Kit is a comprehensive program designed to inspire girls aged 9-13 both online AND off. It's crafted to help them build self-esteem, confidence, leadership, kindness, self-trust, resilience, and embrace being a FEARLESS girl.

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The Tween Summit Kit

Host your very own TWEEN SUMMIT for the girls in your  community & beyond!

For girls empowerment leaders, workshop presenters, coaches or educators looking to make an IMPACT (and INCOME) empowering girls. Perfect for in school use, sports teams, girls groups, empowerment organizations, after school programs, birthday parties, retreats, coaching programs and more!

What Is The Tween Summit?

The Tween Summit is a half or full day workshop based program for girls aged 9-12 that is designed to help girls fearlessly navigate the tween years and beyond! 

Topics Covered Include:

Discovering Your Inner Power

  • Gain self-awareness and harness your unique strengths through activities like "My Power Collage" and role-play scenarios.

Dream Big & Set Goals

  • Learn the importance of setting achievable goals and create your own vision boards to bring those dreams closer to reality.

Friendship Dynamics: Fostering Positive Relationships & Addressing Conflicts

  • Dive into the essence of healthy friendships, understand the value of trust, and acquire conflict resolution tools.

Embracing Change: Navigating The Tween Years with Confidence

  • Understand and prepare for the changes that come during the tween years through activities that build self-confidence and emotional intelligence.

This Is Perfect For You If:

  • You already work with youth or have experience working with youth in your school or community (If not, I HIGHLY recommend going through our Girls Empowerment Leader Training & Certification first.)
  • You are looking to launch your very own girls empowerment organization or side hustle and are in need of a done-for-you signature program so you can hit the ground running
  • You are looking for new programs to add to your existing offer suite as a coach, mentor, educator, program director or youth worker. 

What You Get:

📔 Facilitator's Guide

  • A detailed guide & agenda to help you plan, organize, sell & run your Summit.
  • Customizable elements to make the summit uniquely yours.

🖊 Workshop Lesson Plans

  •  Clear objectives & descriptions to run each activity.
  •  Ice-breakers, discussions, and reflections to keep the engagement levels sky-high.

🗒 Checklists

  • Pre-event, day-of, and post-event checklists to simplify your planning and execution processes.

💬 Done For You Scripts

  • Opening and closing ceremonies, activity introductions and discussion prompts for engaging your audience.

📊 BONUS Template Library!

  • Editable Canva & Google Doc templates for flyers/posters, sponsorship letters, press releases, sales page copy, a post event survey & more!

 Terms & Conditions

Designed for small group settings, this kit is best suited for 10-30 participants aged 8-13. 

Pricing Suggestions: Depending on your specific circumstances, you might charge anywhere from $150 to $350 per participant.

Program Delivery: The program files are delivered in an email in .pdf format.

Understanding and Acknowledgment: By investing in the Tween Summit Kit, you are buying tools to deliver your program and promote it. However, we make no guarantees regarding profitability or client engagement. We strongly suggest that you familiarize yourself with the material to truly make it your own unique offering.

License and Restrictions: This kit is licensed to you for use in your school or business endeavors. You MAY NOT resell, rebrand, or otherwise distribute the kit for others to use.

Branding: While the curriculum comes from us, the delivery is all you. Please do not brand your program as a FearlesslyGiRL, FearlesslyKiND or FearlesslyTween event; instead, put your unique spin, name and branding on it.

Required Experience: This kit does not come with training on youth mentorship. We highly recommend that you have prior experience or training in youth development before using this kit. (Check out our Certification for more info.)

Refund Policy: All sales are final, unless otherwise required by law, especially considering that the digital content is delivered immediately upon purchase.