Empowering Young Women To Fearlessly Navigate Girl World.


FearlesslyGiRL exists to inspire & empower this generation of young women leaders through online courses, in person & virtual events, school programs and an online membership community of girls fearlessly taking on the world, together. 

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Welcome To The New Wave Of Girls Empowerment

Founded by speaker, author and Gen Z expert Kate Whitfield, FearlesslyGiRL is committed to helping girls boost confidence, be kinder to themselves & others, and fearlessly take the lead in their lives, schools & communities. Since 2011, we have reached over 100,000 girls across North America and trained over 10,000 student leaders. 

We’ve also teamed up with FEARLESS athletes including Madison Keys, Lindsey Vonn and Amy Purdy and worked with brands including HBO, Dove, Instagram, Nike, The Lindsey Vonn Foundation, Evian, Ultimate Software, Moroccan Oil, The USTA, The WTA  and been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Vogue, & Refinery29.

We are committed to Creating A Kinder Girl World™ through our transformational school programs, online courses and virtual & in person events, empowering girls to be kinder to themselves and each other. 


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- Madison Keys, Professional Tennis Player + FG Ambassador 2017-2019

"FearlesslyGIRL is a perfect fit for what I believe in and want to commit myself to - it’s a great movement dedicated to creating strong women. I’ve tried my best to be a good role model for my two younger sisters and FearlesslyGIRL will give me a very unique opportunity to inspire, help, encourage and be a big sister to a whole generation of girls. I cherish the opportunity to help FearlesslyGIRL take this extraordinary movement of empowering young women globally."



- Amanda F, Student

"I attended a Summit in 7th grade then got to be a Summit Leader when I was in 10th grade. Not to sound dramatic, but it changed my life and was a highlight of my school life so far! I got to learn so much about my friends I never knew and the drama and mean girl stuff went way down after, and as a leader I really got to see myself in a new way. I feel so lucky I got the chance to be a part of this and hope many other girls get the chance as well."



- Suzanne A, Educator

"I have been a part of over a dozen Summits in my district and will host a dozen more if I get the chance! Kate and her team have created something extremely important and it's my sincere belief that every girl is better for having experienced it. Nothing has come close to impacting our girls quite like a FearlesslyGiRL Summit."



- Cindy Hanft, Counsellor

"Our district found that Fearlessly Girl came into our schools with a no nonsense way of calming down school violence between girls and their friends. Fearlessly Girl helped many girls find their own voice. We heard many comments from staff members that they felt the message also included a strong anti-bully message. Girls need resources like Fearlessly Girl to help navigate their way toward better friendships, self esteem and goal setting for their lives. We have had FearlesslyGIRL in our school system before and found that the presentation from Kate and the curriculum really helped alleviate some of the “bully” behaviors that we see in our girls."



- Anonymous, Middle School Student

“You visited my school yesterday (Bettendorf Middle) and I just wanted to say thank you so much for letting all of us have that experience! It helped me so so much in just a day! I feel more confident and I love myself more! You do an amazing job and it was such a great idea to help other girls, because it’s hard being a girl/woman! Thank you! I’ve been bullied and my friends make me feel so alone, a lot. Now I know that I’m not the only one with problems! I’ve got the courage to tell them how I feel and talking to other people about my problems."



Wendy, Parent

"I am so thankful that I found you and FearlesslyGiRL! I have noticed a huge shift in my daughter since taking your programs, and her and I now have a way to communicate that we didn't before. We both have a much better idea of where we are each coming from, and I see her taking responsibility for her actions in a way that I never have before. She seems more confident and excired for her future, and I just had to reach out and thank you!"



Just Launched: The FearlesslyKiND Podcast! 

Welcome to The FearlesslyKiND Podcast, where we bring you your weekly dose of inspiration, motivation and actionable tips and strategies to help you empower the girls in your life to fearlessly blaze a trail, develop unshakable confidence in themselves and be kinder to themselves and each other.

Join FearlesslyGiRL Founder Kate Whitfield and our incredible FearlesslyKiND Facilitators each week as we discuss Creating A Kinder Girl World in our homes, schools and communities and empower those working so hard to empower the young women in their lives.

Here’s to Creating A Kinder Girl World…together.

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Meet Kate

Kate Whitfield is a speaker, author, podcast host, social entrepreneur, content creator, consultant and founder of FearlesslyGiRL Inc – a movement and school program for a new generation of girls taking on the world – fearlessly!

Kate recognized a need for community, collaboration and conversation amongst young women and began working with Gen Z girls right as they began entering middle school almost 10 years ago. Since then, FearlesslyGiRL has expanded to over 200 Chapters in 7 countries, embarked on over 15 Summit Tours, impacted over 100,000 students, trained over 12,000 student leaders and recently hosted the biggest anti-bullying assembly in history, reaching over 17,000 girls across North America.

Kate has established herself as a “go-to” expert on Gen Z girls and was selected by Instagram and the Prime Minister’s Office as an #EducationCan Ambassador, advising the Prime Minister on youth and education related issues, and named an “Exemplary Canadian” by Facebook Canada for her work empowering young women.

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