Hey Girls!

Ready to take on the world… FEARLESSLY?

Then you’re in the right place! (Wait, you said yes, right?)  We are here cheering you on and providing you with all the confidence, leadership & self-love info, support and strategies you need to do just that! We want to see you take on the world & share the magic that makes you, you!

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So, What Is FearlesslyGiRL All About?

FearlesslyGirl exists to support and encourage young women (14-22) to be kinder to themselves and each other, build authentic confidence and lead boldly in their lives, schools and communities, creating a Kinder Girl World™ in the process.

From our online community, in person events, school programs and online courses, we’re here to provide you with all the info, inspo, tools and support you need to take on the world…Fearlessly! Basically, just think of us as your biggest cheerleaders, k?

Do You Like Free Stuff?

FearlesslyGiRL's 10 Daily Habits to Help You Boost Confidence & Find Your Fearless! FREE Download!

10 Daily Habits FREE Download!

FearlesslyGiRL's Action Kit!

FearlesslyGiRL’s Action Kit!

Bring A Summit To Your School!

Our half day in school assembly program is a life changing experience for the girls in your school, designed to create a safe, conversational environment to help girls break down barriers, open up, share experiences, forgive each other, repair broken relationships and increase self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth.

Want To Learn From Us At Home?

Would you like to feel more confident, lead more authentically, overcome the fears holding you back, achieve your goals, manage your stress and get to know the real you and share her FEARLESSLY with the world? Then this 6 week online course is for you!

FearlesslyGiRL's Confidence Kit - Online Course For Teen Girls

The number 1 question girls ask us is about how to increase confidence and self-esteem and that is EXACTLY why this course is exists! During this 5 module course, girls will learn proven strategies to increase their confidence, develop their self-esteem, overcome limiting beliefs and go after the lives they want.

FearlesslyGiRL Founder Kate Whitfield

Meet Kate

Hi Friends! I’m Kate and I’m SO glad you’re here!

I started FearlesslyGiRL when I was still in high school not because I had all the answers, but because I needed them. I was desperate for a community of young women elevating and supporting one another and FearlesslyGiRL was my answer to that.

Since then I’ve had the INSANE privilege to speak to and work with tens of thousands of young women who have shaped FearlesslyGiRL into what it is today. This exists for YOU, and I’m so excited to work with you to help you find your FEARLESS and take on the world!