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Founded in 2011 by girl expert, speaker, author, podcaster and coach Kate Whitfield, FearlesslyGiRL has impacted over 100,000 young woman in schools and communities across North America through our groundbreaking FearlesslyGiRL Summit Assembly Program, partnered with brands like HBO, Dove, Evian & Instagram, been featured in Forbes, The New York Times and Vogue, hosted the worlds largest anti-bullying assembly, worked with Lindsey Vonn, Madison Keys and Amy Purdy and created #KinderGirlWorldDay, with a total media reach of 171 million!

At FearlesslyGiRL, we are dedicated to empowering young women and creating a world where kindness is at the forefront in our homes, schools, communities and businesses.

Our FearlesslyKiND School Programming is an engaging, immersive, and interactive school wide educational program, thoughtfully curated with the help of educators, counsellors and youth workers for young women in 5th to 8th grade over the last decade. The program has been designed to help schools meet their core competency objectives including Self-awareness, Self-control & Interpersonal skills. We currently have over 150 FearlesslyKiND Schools globally. 

Through our FearlesslyGiRL Certification Program, we aim to inspire, educate and empower passionate women with the tools and confidence to bring our transformational programming into their communities making an impact and income empowering girls.

We also leverage our experience from over a decade as an industry leader in the girls empowerment space and work 1:1 with companies and organizations large and small to help bring their programs, campaigns and events to life.

Join us in continuing our legacy of Creating A Kinder Girl World.

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Through our consultancy work, we have partnered with athletes, fortune 500 companies and national brands to create high quality, diverse, inclusive and transformative events and campaigns that have been covered by Forbes, the New York Times & Vogue.


Some of our biggest events include #KinderGirlWorldDay (with a total reach of 171 million), the world's largest anti-bullying assembly, the FGxHBO Summit (promoting Lindsey Vonn's documentary The Final Season) a massive in-person rally in partnership with Dove reaching over 17,600 girls, and a summit in collaboration with Evian featuring a panel discussion with Madison Keys and Sophia Roe at the US Open. 

By working with Fearlessly Girl, companies can create events that align with their mission, while making a positive impact on girls. Whether it's a virtual or in-person event, launch campaign or conference, Kate & our team of experts will help you plan and execute an impactful event that resonates with your target audience. 

Let's start a conversation about how FearlesslyGiRL can help your organization create impactful programs, events and campaigns and make a lasting difference in the lives of girls everywhere.