10 MORE Fun & Engaging Empowerment Activities For Girls!

Aug 07, 2023

Hello, My Fearless Friend,

The journey to empower our girls doesn't stop, and neither should we. If you loved our previous list, here are 10 MORE fun and engaging activities to uplift, inspire, and empower the young girls around you. Let's keep the empowerment ball rolling! (Here's Part 1 if you missed it!)

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  1. The Hero's Journey Workshop: Dive deep into the world of storytelling by helping girls understand and write their own "Hero's Journey." This can help them visualize their challenges as stepping stones to becoming stronger, wiser, and more resilient.

  2. Empowerment Bracelets: Crafting can be therapeutic! Host a bracelet-making session using beads with empowering words on them. As they string their bracelets, they'll be stringing together affirmations they can wear every day.

  3. Dream Diary: Dreams can be powerful motivators. Encourage girls to keep a diary dedicated to their biggest dreams and aspirations, and how they plan to achieve them.

  4. Empowerment Yoga: Physical strength can also boost mental strength. Organize yoga sessions themed around empowerment where each pose is tied to a confidence-boosting mantra.

  5. Girl-Power Playlist Party: Music can uplift the soul. Have the girls curate a playlist with songs that make them feel powerful, and then host a dance party!

  6. Strength Storytime: Bring in guest speakers - from athletes to businesswomen - to share stories of how they overcame challenges and stereotypes to succeed in their fields.

  7. Empowerment Book Club: Create a reading list of books with strong female protagonists or authors. After each book, hold a discussion session to delve into the lessons learned.

  8. Skill Swap Day: Each girl possesses a unique skill. Organize a day where they can teach and learn from each other, celebrating the diverse talents within the group.

  9. Mirror Affirmations: Provide each girl with a small mirror and some permanent markers. Ask them to write a personal affirmation on the mirror so that every time they look at themselves, they are reminded of their worth.

  10. Nature Empowerment Retreat: Organize a day out in nature – it could be hiking, a day at the beach, or just a picnic in a local park. Nature often brings clarity and can be the perfect backdrop for empowerment workshops or simple relaxation.

EXTRA ACTIVITY: Launch a "Fearless Friend" monthly newsletter where girls can share their stories, achievements, book recommendations, and more. It's a way to continuously celebrate and uplift each other!

Empowering our young girls is a responsibility we all share. The world awaits their strength, wisdom, and grace. With every activity, conversation, and gesture of support, we're shaping the leaders, innovators, and change-makers of tomorrow.

Keep believing, keep supporting, and above all, keep empowering!


Get Your FREE Girl World 101 Workshop Kit! ⤵


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