100 Girls Empowerment Program Ideas

for educators for girls empowerment leaders Jul 31, 2023

Here are 100 girls empowerment program ideas covering a wide range of activities and topics to help get you started!

  1. Leadership in Action Workshop
  2. Girls in STEM Bootcamp
  3. Girls' Self-Esteem Summer Camp
  4. Confidence Building Dance Classes
  5. Mother-Daughter Yoga Retreat
  6. Body Positive Art Workshop Series
  7. Healthy Living & Wellness Classes
  8. Girls' Mindfulness & Meditation Workshop
  9. Fearlessness & Courage Training
  10. Resilience Building Bootcamp
  11. Friendship and Relationship Workshop
  12. Girls' Entrepreneurship Start-Up Program
  13. Business Basics for Girls
  14. Girls Coding Weekend Workshop
  15. Feminine Spirituality Retreat
  16. Mother-Daughter Cooking Classes
  17. Sisters in Science: An After-school STEM Club
  18. Young Female Leaders Summit
  19. Girls' Sports Empowerment Program
  20. Girls in Tech Weekend Hackathon
  21. Self-Care and Mental Health Workshop for Teens
  22. Empowered Girl Scouts Program
  23. Girls' Leadership in Sports Program
  24. Girls Empowered in Martial Arts
  25. Fitness & Body Positivity Dance Camp
  26. Sisters in Cinema: Girls Film Making Workshop
  27. Future Female CEOs Club
  28. Teen Girls Healthy Eating & Cooking Class
  29. Mindful Movement: Yoga for Girls
  30. Mother-Daughter Empowerment Circle
  31. Girls in Green: Environmental Leadership Program
  32. Girls' Social Justice Club
  33. Power of Words: Public Speaking Workshop
  34. STEM Girl Genius Workshop
  35. Girls in Music: Music Production Workshop
  36. Young Women's Writing Retreat
  37. Empowered Girls Peer Mentorship Program
  38. Girls Digital Art & Design Workshop
  39. Robotics Club for Girls
  40. Girls' Weekend Wilderness Adventure
  41. Mindfulness & Creativity Art Retreat
  42. Healthy Relationships Workshop for Teen Girls
  43. Financial Literacy Course for Girls
  44. Girls Empowerment through Horseback Riding
  45. Empowered Girls DIY Craft Club
  46. Body Image & Media Literacy Workshop
  47. Girl Power Fitness Bootcamp
  48. Girls Empowered in Astronomy Club
  49. Mother-Daughter Book Club
  50. Global Girls Empowerment Virtual Exchange Program
  51. Girls Self Defense Class
  52. Teen Girls Drama and Theater Club
  53. Girls Empowerment through Gardening
  54. Girls Future in Medicine Workshop Series
  55. Space Girls: Astrophysics Workshop
  56. Girls' Resilience and Mental Health Seminar
  57. Empowered Girls: Social Entrepreneurs Club
  58. Girls Online Safety Seminar
  59. Girls Empowerment through Photography
  60. Outdoor Survival Skills Camp for Girls
  61. Future Female Politicians: Leadership & Civics Program
  62. Girls' Mindful Eating Workshop
  63. Girls' DIY Beauty and Self-Care Workshop
  64. Vision Board Workshop for Goal Setting
  65. Climate Change Champions: Environmental Club for Girls
  66. Girls' Empowerment Book Writing Workshop
  67. Future Female Engineers Club
  68. Self-esteem and Confidence Building through Improv
  69. Fashion Design Workshop: Empowering Through Creativity
  70. Girls in AI (Artificial Intelligence) Seminar
  71. Outdoor Leadership Skills Program for Girls
  72. Girls' Money Management and Investment Club
  73. Self-expression through Poetry Workshop
  74. Creative Writing for Self-discovery Course
  75. Girls' Emotional Intelligence Workshop
  76. Girls Empowerment through Knitting/Crocheting
  77. Teen Girls' Stress Management & Relaxation Workshop
  78. Future Women in Law: A Seminar Series
  79. Mother-Daughter Mindfulness Meditation Retreat
  80. Empowered Girls' Sustainable Living Workshop
  81. Girls' Human Rights and Advocacy Program
  82. Bullying Prevention Workshop for Girls
  83. Girls Empowerment through Chess Club
  84. Girls' Personal Branding and Digital Citizenship Seminar
  85. Teen Girls' Personal Safety Workshop
  86. Self-Love and Body Positivity Workshop Series
  87. Girls' Career Exploration and Planning Seminar
  88. Teen Girls' Guide to Healthy Social Media Use
  89. Nutrition and Wellness Workshop for Girls
  90. Girls' Empowerment through Comic Book Creation
  91. Girls in Architecture Workshop Series
  92. Teen Girls' Adventure and Exploration Club
  93. Girls Empowerment through Pottery
  94. Future Women in Academia Seminar Series
  95. Girls' Empowerment through Animal Care and Veterinary Science
  96. Empowered Girls' Carpentry Workshop
  97. Young Women's Leadership & Public Policy Seminar
  98. Future Women in Space: An Astronomy Club
  99. Girls in Archaeology: Hands-on History Club
  100. Empowered Girls' Baking & Pastry Workshop: Skills for Life


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