15 Girls Empowerment Group Activities For Girls

for educators for girls empowerment leaders Oct 04, 2023

Empowerment is more than just a buzzword—it's a transformative process that can shape the trajectory of young girls' lives, instilling confidence, resilience, and self-worth. While individual empowerment is essential, there's something magical about the collective strength of a group. In the spirit of fostering unity, collaboration, and personal growth, here are 15 girls empowerment group activities designed to uplift, inspire, and bond.

1. Vision Board Creation

Objective: Visualizing dreams and aspirations.

  • How To: Provide magazines, scissors, glue, and large poster boards. Encourage girls to cut out images, words, and quotes that resonate with their dreams and aspirations. As they create, it's an opportunity to discuss future goals and the steps to achieve them.

2. Role-Playing Real-Life Scenarios

Objective: Develop problem-solving skills and empathy.

  • How To: Create a list of everyday challenges, from peer pressure situations to leadership opportunities. In groups, let girls act out these situations, discussing possible reactions and outcomes.

3. 'I Am' Affirmation Circle

Objective: Boost self-confidence and positive self-image.

  • How To: Sit in a circle. Each girl takes a turn completing the sentence, "I am…” with positive affirmations. This helps internalize positive beliefs about themselves.

4. Collaborative Art Project

Objective: Foster teamwork and creativity.

  • How To: Give the girls a large canvas and paints. Encourage them to create a group mural that represents unity, strength, and empowerment.

5. Strengths and Challenges Share-Out

Objective: Encourage vulnerability and support.

  • How To: Each participant shares a personal strength and a challenge they're facing. This opens dialogue, allows for shared experiences, and strengthens bonds.

6. Power Women Discussion

Objective: Introduce strong female role models.

  • How To: Present profiles of influential women from various fields. Discuss their achievements, challenges, and how they can inspire the group.

7. Breaking Stereotypes Exercise

Objective: Challenge and break down societal norms.

  • How To: List common stereotypes about women on a whiteboard. Encourage a discussion on how these can be debunked. This promotes critical thinking and challenges societal norms.

8. Empowerment Book Club

Objective: Promote literacy and depth of thought.

  • How To: Choose a women-centric or empowerment-themed book for the month. After reading, convene for a discussion about themes, characters, and personal takeaways.

9. 'Walk in Her Shoes' Reflection

Objective: Cultivate empathy.

  • How To: Each girl writes a personal experience, anonymously. Place the notes in a hat. Each participant draws one and reads it aloud, then the group discusses feelings and potential support strategies without knowing the author.

10. Skill Swap Workshop

Objective: Celebrate diversity of talents.

  • How To: Each girl picks a skill or hobby she excels in, offering a short workshop for the group. This showcases individual strengths and encourages learning from peers.

11. Community Service Project

Objective: Understand the value of giving back.

  • How To: Organize a community service day. Whether it's planting trees, visiting an elderly home, or a beach cleanup, the act of giving back collectively instills a sense of purpose.

12. Gratitude Journaling Session

Objective: Promote positivity and mindfulness.

  • How To: Provide each girl with a journal. Dedicate time to write about things they're grateful for. After a few minutes, encourage sharing some of these points, highlighting the positive aspects of life.

13. Women in History Trivia Game

Objective: Learn about female figures in history.

  • How To: Prepare trivia questions about influential women throughout history. Divide the girls into teams and make it a fun competition. This educates while entertaining.

14. Building Trust with Trust Falls

Objective: Develop trust within the group.

  • How To: In pairs, one girl closes her eyes and falls backward, trusting her partner to catch her. It's a classic exercise, but it's effective in building trust and connection.

15. Empowerment Playlist Creation

Objective: Connect through music and celebrate female artists.

  • How To: Let each girl pick a song by a female artist that makes her feel empowered. Compile these into a playlist. Not only does it create a shared musical experience, but it also introduces girls to new empowerment anthems.


Empowerment group activities are more than just games or discussions—they're the foundation for building a community of strong, confident, and supportive young women. These activities are stepping stones, guiding girls toward realizing their full potential, embracing their strengths, and facing challenges head-on.


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