20 Tips To Create A Kinder Classroom

for educators Oct 04, 2023

A kinder classroom is one where every student feels valued, safe, and understood. It's where learning thrives and students grow not just academically, but also emotionally and socially. Here are 20 tips to help you create a kinder classroom!

1. Smile often:

  • Smiling not only elevates your mood but also sets a welcoming atmosphere. Start each day with a smile, ensuring every student feels a sense of warmth when they enter.

2. Greet each student:

  • Personalize greetings to make each student feel unique and seen. A simple acknowledgment like, "I love how you've organized your desk today, Maya!" can mean a lot.

3. Practice active listening:

  • When students share, give them your full attention. This shows you value their contributions and builds trust. It also encourages more open communication.

4. Establish a classroom charter:

  • Co-create classroom rules with students. This sense of ownership encourages responsibility and ensures the rules resonate with everyone.

5. Include everyone:

  • During group activities or discussions, make efforts to involve quieter students by asking open-ended questions or pairing them with more vocal peers.

6. Practice empathy:

  • If a student seems upset or disengaged, take a moment to privately ask how they're feeling. This simple act shows you care about their well-being beyond academic performance.

7. Promote peer mentoring:

  • Pair experienced students with newcomers or those needing additional support. This builds community and allows students to learn from each other.

8. Rotate seating arrangements:

  • Change seating every few weeks. This ensures students interact with different classmates and prevents cliques from forming.

9. Share positive news:

  • Highlight achievements, both big and small. Whether it's a student's improvement in reading or their act of kindness, celebrate it.

10. Establish a kindness week:

  • Dedicate a week to acts of kindness. Students can write anonymous notes of appreciation, share kind deeds, or discuss what kindness means to them.

11. Model kindness:

  • Your behavior sets the standard. Whether it's how you treat students, colleagues, or even yourself, make sure it reflects the values you want to instill.

12. Encourage group work:

  • Collaborative activities teach students to communicate, share, and understand varying viewpoints. It also strengthens the classroom community.

13. Address bullying immediately:

  • Ensure students know that bullying isn't tolerated. Create an environment where students feel safe reporting incidents and know that they'll be addressed promptly.

14. Display student work:

  • Use classroom walls to celebrate students' efforts. This not only boosts their confidence but also creates a sense of ownership and pride in the learning environment.

15. Use inclusive language:

  • Words have power. Ensure your language respects all genders, cultures, and abilities, and teach students to do the same.

16. Celebrate diversity:

  • Introduce students to different cultures, histories, and traditions. Encourage them to share their own backgrounds and find value in differences.

17. Teach emotional intelligence:

  • Help students recognize and manage their emotions. Activities like role-playing or discussing emotions in stories can be effective.

18. Introduce mindfulness practices:

  • Simple exercises like deep breathing or focused listening can help students manage stress and stay present.

19. Avoid labeling:

  • Refrain from labeling students based on abilities, behaviors, or achievements. Focus on their potential and unique qualities instead.

20. Encourage open communication:

  • Create an environment where students feel comfortable sharing concerns, asking questions, or suggesting changes without fear of judgment.


Creating a kinder classroom requires consistent effort, understanding, and love. By implementing these tips, you're laying the foundation for a nurturing, inclusive environment where all students can thrive. Stay tuned for part 2!


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