Breaking Barriers, Empowering Girls: Marking International Day of the Girl By Rachela Farella

for educators for girls empowerment leaders for parents Oct 11, 2023

Mark it down and save the date: Let’s go out there and celebrate!

This is a day that every girl should and needs to remember. The International Day of the Girl. A day thatcelebrates and is dedicated to promoting and empowering girls around the world. This celebration, highlights the importance of gender equality as well as any and all discrimination and violence against girls. 

For young tween girls, this day is more then just another day. This day serves as a reminder of all of the incredible girls and women, who fought long and hard, to overcome impossible challenges. Challenges which have now become todays opportunities for all girls.

The International Day of the Girl also serves as a reminder to the entire world, that investing in a girls future also invests in their health and education. Two things we absolutely need and deserve to have.

Overall, the International Day of the Girl is a celebration for all girls. It fights for gender equality and inspires girls to dream big and reach for the stars.

Here are some ways in which we can educate our girls to break barriers and leave their mark in the girl world community:

Education: Girls need their education. They deserve an education. So the more you learn about the WHY, can we move forward with the HOW.  
Health: Girls need to fight for their own bodily and health rights. That means, providing them with access to healthcare services, information, and resources that help them make the right decision about THEIR health.
Leadership: All girls need role models and mentors to help inspire them and guide them towards a future filled with incredible fearlesslykind leaders. So let’s give them opportunities to lead and shine! It is for THEIR own future after all!
Gender equality: Gender inequality has been a huge issue over the many years of women fighting fortheir fundamental rights. But we are still going to push through. Girls need to keep challenginggender norms and stereotypes that limit girls' potential and promote gender equality in all areas of life.
Protection: To empower girls, we need to protect them from all forms of violence and ensure that they can live in a safe and supportive environment.

By breaking barriers and empowering girls, we can create a world where every girl can reach her full potential and contribute to a better future for all. Allowing opportunities and challenging the norms; which girls have been doing for decades now; we are showing the girl-world that girls do matter. And they do. Because in the end, a girl is the only one who can fix her crown while slaying her own dragons. Now, close your eyes and imagine that image times one hundred. That’s the meaning of International Day of the Girl.

~Rachela Farella - FearlesslyGiRL Facilitator & Founder of FearlesslyKiND Girl 


 Get To Know Rachela:

As a FearlesslyKind Girl mentor/facilitator; Rachela Farella has always wanted to make the girl world an empowHERing and more inspiHERing place. When her daughters were born, she knew that had she found her true calling; to help change the girl world, one kinder girl at a time.

Glow-getter, unicorn momma, and mentor/big sister to all the young tweens out there; Rachela’s mission is to redefine what being a tween is all about, and vows to help all of these amazing young girls, transform into, fearlessly kind girls.

Workshops, blog articles, and soon to be a Podcaster mom; the only message that she wants to send out to the girl world; is that, YOU can do it. YOU can be the shero to your own story and it all starts with, you!

So always remember girls, be that girl who will always empowHER and inspiHER; because kindness goes a long way.

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