The Power In Sisterhood by Rachela Farella

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Sisterhood, girl gang, girl tribe, girl’s club; a few of the many empowHERing terms that represent one really powerful group of individuals; fearlessly kind girls. They help each other rise up, while aiming to change the girl world around them. They are mentors, secret keepers, and your very own personal cheersquad. They are our young girls of today, and our future leaders of tomorrow. It is because of girls like them, that we can embrace the idea of being part of a tribe so powerful, so empowHERing, that we call it;  sisterhood.


And here are the top five reasons why girls can inspiHER, empowHER, and become EmpowHERed,together.



Girls are fearless. Girls are kind. Girls are unstoppable. But sometimes, being a girl is not easy. No matter the age, whether you’re a tween or teen; girls are stigmatized and exposed to certain labels, that create unrealistic images of what society expects of them. According to society and social media; girls areexpected and pressured to fit into unrealistic molds. And not only does this take away their power, but it strips them of their confidence. Shortly enough, they will no longer recognize who they are and they will be drifting away from their true authentic self. However, with a tribe so strong, our girls can stand up against having to fit into society’s norms. These fearless girls are standing up and shouting out, NO! Girls are finally embracing their truths, and showing the world, each of their unique colors. And being a part of a sister squad, allows every girl the opportunity to embrace their power and discover the best version of themselves. Girls are finally working towards a common goal, and that is, to fall in love with themselves first. By doing so, they can then work together to walk passed glass the glass-ceilings shatterers, and become the girls who will crush the ground beneath them.



There is a certain strength in sisterhood that creates an undeniable bond between girls. It’s a place of comfort, belonging, and dependability. Emotional connections are based on feelings; and a girl’s truth isnever judged nor shamed. There is a promise to pledge, accept, and support each other unconditionally; all the while; showing love and kindness for one another. A sisterhood is not just a social gathering, it is a second family. It is the Betty to Veronica and Thelma to Louise. A sister-squad is made up of perfectly imperfect strangers; all whom are willingly to choose to be part of something great. These are the girlswho will push passed their comfort zone, and challenge each other’s minds and soul.



Kindness and empathy; two words that perfectly define the word girlsquad. And when you add fearlessness, confidence and support to the mix; you get a group of young girls who are ready to run the world. Together, these girls will break generational traumas, push down walls, while crushing the ground beneath them. They will understand each other, support one another, and be the girl who will always be rooting for you. But, like many things in life; in order for this change to happen, there is one common goal needed; and that is, rising up together; while not letting anyone fall. NOW, is the time, to grab control of your words, thoughts and feelings, and embrace them for what they are worth. And today; for every young, inspiring and courageous girl out there, that worth means, everything. Once you choose to set goals, you are ready to lead. Start a march, lead a rally, or just start a side hustle. But definitely do something that will lead you to greatness. Leadership and togetherness, are only two of the many great qualities for all girls who are born to rise. Lead the way, together, and only great things shall come.



A sister-squad is powerful for so many different reasons. But, being surrounded by a group of young girls who all aim for the same goal, is the main reason why. Girls who help girls grow, help them become better versions of themselves. These are the girls that you want to have by your side. These are the girls who will help make the girl-world a better place. And knowing that your positive actions can help change one girl’s view on life, is what a sister-squad is all about. Working together while sharing unique interests; guiding each other while expressing unique thoughts and ideas; and inspiring other girls to go bigger and do better; is just the start of an incredible tribe.  This is the start of something great. And with greatness,comes future mentors, leaders, strong support systems, and friends for life. You get your very own hype tribe. And your individual uniqueness, is what sets you all apart yet, super close at the same time.



The importance of having a hype-tribe may seem so under appreciated in the eyes of society. But, for all of the young and ambitious girls out there; the why and how of being part of something this great, is what helps to bring meaning in their life. There really needs to be a clearer understanding, of why being part of something like this, is so incredibly powerful. The day you choose to become part of a sister-squad, is the day you unselfishly choose yourself over others. It is the day you decide, to become part of something big. Something great. Something incredible. It is the day when you  decide to take a stand to help other young girls create a positive change in the girl-world. There is strength in having a sister-squad because,  it not only allows you to grow together, but also work together, to motivate and empowHER young girls everywhere. A sister-squad is a journey that begins with perfect strangers and grows into a place you call,home. You learn to grow together, lead together and discover the “sister” in sisterhood. You appreciateeach other individuality while shining brighter together.  It starts with a smile and ends with a unbreakable bond. And no matter how old you are, there is only one true lesson to be learned; there is no bond stronger then a girl and her sisters. And together, you will rise and make a whole world of a difference.


The rise of sisterhood, has been a slow but powerful progression. 2017 was the year when women stood up and courageously spoke their truths. In 2018, women started to tear down walls and rediscover their own true selves. But today, young girls and women everywhere will join hands and become fierce and fearless leaders of change.  And moving forward, this is the year where young girls will come together and rise together. A time where unity and inclusivity are not only essential, but important for our young girls of today.  If we don’t help each other rise together, then who will? And if not now, then when? So,let’s join hands and pledge to be part of something so powerful, that it’ll cause a ripple effect no matter where we go. And always remember this; no matter who you are, or what you desire, take that fiery burning passion inside of you, and let today be the day where being part of a girl gang isn’t just a journey,but a destination. A destination that can only be found when the journey itself begins with you and me, right here and right now. Be the girl whose daydreams become a vision and whose vision becomes the change that we crave in today’s world.

Be the girl who goes out into the world, finds her hype tribe and creates one empowHERing and inspirHERing sister-squad. Let that girl, be YOU!


~Rachela Farella - FearlesslyGiRL Facilitator & Founder of FearlesslyKiND Girl 


 Get To Know Rachela:

As a FearlesslyKind Girl mentor/facilitator; Rachela Farella has always wanted to make the girl world an empowHERing and more inspiHERing place. When her daughters were born, she knew that had she found her true calling; to help change the girl world, one kinder girl at a time.

Glow-getter, unicorn momma, and mentor/big sister to all the young tweens out there; Rachela’s mission is to redefine what being a tween is all about, and vows to help all of these amazing young girls, transform into, fearlessly kind girls.

Workshops, blog articles, and soon to be a Podcaster mom; the only message that she wants to send out to the girl world; is that, YOU can do it. YOU can be the shero to your own story and it all starts with, you!

So always remember girls, be that girl who will always empowHER and inspiHER; because kindness goes a long way.

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